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The world of Vger, music available in CD and digital on all platforms 

Vger is a French composer of new age and electronic music influenced by ethnic differences and peoples all around the world, playing synthesizers, samplers, ethnic voices and A.I. customs life sounds.

His music reflect the personality and magnificence of each group and focus on parts of life.


After collaborating with many musicians, he produced his own music in collaboration with the sound engineer Philippe Colonna for very different albums inspired by the relationship between image and music.


As he says, all music starts from images and each sound tells an image that everyone imagines ...




Are we going to stay free with artificial intelligence?

Have we become dependent on machines without realizing it?

War with machines avoidable?


Recorded at Vger private studio, mixed by Vger on Cubase

and protools, mastering by Chris Jones at Peak studios Germany and Philippe Colonna for A.I. Genesis.

Special thanks to Sheri Marshel for voice on

Freedom Against The Machines, little "Thibaut" for his kind

voice, Montel Moore for voice on I Love My Computer.

This album is dedicated to Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider. 


1) A.I. Genesis 3'20

2) 1-01-0 I'm Alive 3'26

3) A.I. Chase Money 4'59

4) Qbit Or Not Qbit 3'50

5) A.I. Go To War 4'48

6) Humans Revenge 3'38

7) Freedom Against The Machines 5'09

8) A.I. For Ever And Ever 3'52

9) I Love My Computer 3'44

artificial intelligence 400x400.jpeg


Mixed with pure electro beats (pay attention to your ears !)

What happens to us if we live for and on other planets?

Are we going to become different?
Maybe others than us have been there before?


Recorded at Vger private studio, mixed by Vger

and Philippe Colonna on Cubase and Protools.

Special thanks to Clara Sorace for voice on masters of Titan, Julie from Miami for voice on my beautiful earth.

The Rocketman is dedicated to Jack King the voice of

the NASA and also to the Apollo crew project.

Images from Vger and DR


1) My beautiful Earth 4'56

2) Masters of Titan 11'16

3) Few minutes after the Mars battle 4'04

4) The Rocketman 3'39

5) Moonland 3'39

6) Princess of Saturn rings 4'45

7) Star motocycles of Jupiter 3'58



SPIRITS explores how people in their trades or lives are influenced by beliefs or superstitions.
Costumes, songs and sometimes make-up contribute to their differentiation rich in particularities.


Recorded at Vger private studio, mixed by Vger

and Philippe Colonna on Cubase and Protools.

Special thanks to Carol Chang for guzheng, Eric Persing, Moog, professor Jean Malaurie for inuit song,

Akira Sato for Japan flute, 
Images from Vger, Can Stock


1) Arabic spirit of the night riders 3'55

2) Spirit freedom of Hong-Kong 2'35

3) Qiandao lake fishermen spirit 5'12

4) China spirit nature in harmony 6'32

5) Inuit shaman spirit 5'51

6) Spirit of artic bears hunters 3'18

7) Siberian train spirit 7'08



The Vger first album, is an experimental vision of Peuplades or groups all around the world.

Made with synthesizers, samplers and ethnic voices, this album explores the richness of diversity.

Recorded at Vger private studio, mixed by Vger

and Philippe Colonna on Cubase and Protools.

Special thanks to Mata Amritanandamayi Mission Trust India, Gennaro from thqnordic, Eric Persing, Moog.
Images from Vger, tirachard and Kjpargeter/freepik
Multiracial artwork by Geoff ALLAN


1) The travel 9'19 

2) People of the highest mountain 6'19

3) People of the largest plains 4'55

4) The people of underwater sunlights 17'53

5) Spirit people of India 7'40

6) The mystic people of the south pyramid 12'45

7) Glory people of all the skies 10'26